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Virtual Courthouse is a web-based combination of multimedia technologies and business processes, integrated with a customer-friendly user interface. Our system replicates the current process of dispute resolution in an online environment, removing the constraints of time, expense and distance...

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Search our rapidly expanding database of professional mediators and arbitrators, many of who are retired judges, experienced lawyers, industry experts, and leading authorities in their respective fields. You can narrow your search by geographic location, areas of law, experience type, or number of cases handled.

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"There are certain conflicts that don't require a lot of face to face interaction. VirtualCourthouse is the wave of the future."Judge Vincent Femia (Ret.)Judge Vincent Femia (Ret.)
"I firmly believe that VCH is an extremely effective mechanism to help parties resolve their disputes in a cost effective manner..."Cy Picken, Retired
State Farm House CounselCy Picken, Retired<br>State Farm House Counsel

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Initiating a case in VirtualCourthouse is simple and straightforward. VirtualCourthouse is a role-based system so the first step is to login or create an account for free. Then enter your case details and the opposing party's information and we will notify them via email asking them to participate in the VCH online process.

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Did you receive an invitation to join a VirtualCourthouse case? If so, just login with the information provided and you can begin presenting your case through our online case facilitation process. If you have any questions, email us or give us a call and we can help you get comfortable with the process.

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Promote your services, increase your market and help resolve cases easily online by registering with us and offer your services to any case that we help settle. Promote yourself, increase your market and help resolve cases easily online.

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Becoming a registered Mediator / Arbitrator on Virtual Courthouse is fast and simple. Fill out a quick sign-up form, choose your listing level, and fill in your account details. Best of all, Virtual Courthouse goes well beyond neutral listing services and will actually help you process and manage your cases through our proprietary case processing system.

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