Rules-Contract Provisions

VirtualCourthouse Rules of Arbitration and Mediation

Contract Provisions. In the event of any dispute arising from or pertaining to the execution, construction and interpretation of this XXXXXXXX, such dispute shall be determined by binding Arbitration in accordance with the Uniform Arbitration Act of XXXXXX. If the parties cannot agree on an Arbitrator then either party may petition a Court of competent jurisdiction for the appointment of an arbitrator.  The arbitrator may apportion the costs and fees, including the parties’ reasonable attorney fees associated with the arbitration in accordance with the equities of the case.   Any arbitration will be administered by and in accordance with the rules of

Rules. The rules of arbitration or mediation are what the parties agree. The neutral will ask the parties if they have agreed upon rules. If the parties cannot agree on the rules or disagree on specific rules then the rules will be as the neutral determines appropriate for the parties,

Neutral Selection. The neutral (arbitrator, mediator) will be determined by the agreement of the parties. The parties by agreement may request VirtualCourthouse to designate a neutral. Before VirtualCourthouse designates a neutral VirtualCourthouse will consult with the parties. If the parties cannot agree  then either party may petition a court of competent jurisdiction to appoint a neutral.

Case Initiation. A case will be initiated by a party filing a new case with and by notifying the other party or parties that the case has been started.  

VirtualCourthouse follows the pattern established by the Uniform Arbitration Act  and the Federal Arbitration Act.