ADR Case Filing

The parties and representatives start a case with a brief description. Then they select 3 or more mediators/arbitrators , rank them and send them to the opposing party along with an invitation to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process through  The parties present their case online, schedule a meeting or video conference and use the VirtualCourthouse Secure Confidential asynchronous messaging system. 

The™ filing fee for participating in a case is $50 for each party.  The Neutral fees are as follows:

Online decision:$300
Simple Online Neutral Case Evaluation (1 hour or less):$300
Complex Online Neutral Case Evaluation (more than 1 hour):Neutral's published hourly rate
Face to Face Arbitration:Neutral's published hourly rate
Face to Face Mediation:Neutral's published hourly rate

Invoices are generated and sent via email every Friday. All invoices are payable in 30 calendar days. Invoices which are not paid within 30 days will be accessed a service charge of 1.5% of the total amount due per month. Upon receipt of the total fee due, VirtualCourthouse will distribute appropriate fees directly to the Neutral. Decisions in arbitration cases will not be released until payment is received from all parties.