The mediator/arbitrator is provided with the tools necessary to conduct business on-line by taking advantage of our unique system and complete solution.  Through the VirtualCourthouse “Offline” case management, all parties and representatives are recorded in the case management file along with all case documents. If the parties are equipped, the case management file can be converted to an “Online” case enabling the parties and representatives to take advantage of secure confidential asynchronous messaging and video conferencing.

Mediator/Arbitrator Marketing
Standard - $1 / mo
Premium - $5 / mo
Ultimate - $25 / mo

Mediator/Arbitrator Business Management
Case Management - $50 / case ( volume pricing available)
Mediator/Arbitrator Case administration fee 10% of the mediator/arbitrators fee with a minimum of $50.

Case Filing and Processing
Case Filing Fee $50 per party
Case administration fee 10% of the mediator/arbitrators fee with a minimum of $50.

Complex Arbitration and Mediation. Advance Fee Depsosits may be required at the discretion of the VirtualCourthouse Administrator.

Online decision ( 1 hour or less)$300
Simple Online Neutral Case Evaluation (1 hour or less):$300
Complex Online Neutral Case Evaluation (more than 1 hour):Neutral's published hourly rate
Face to Face Arbitration:Neutral's published hourly rate
Face to Face Mediation:Neutral's published hourly rate


Invoices are generated and sent via email every Friday. All invoices are payable in 30 calendar days. Invoices which are not paid within 30 days will be assessed a service charge of 1.5% of the total amount due per month. Upon receipt of the total fee due, VirtualCourthouse will distribute appropriate fees directly to the Neutral. Online decisions in arbitration cases will not be released until payment is received from all parties.