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VirtualCourthouse 3.0 provides the mediation community with the tools to develop a successful strategy to increase caseloads and transition to the Internet. The only online dispute system that provides a marketing component , a selection component and a case management component. Not only can a mediator create a wide Internet presence but is also available for selection by a party who starts a case using VirtualCourthouse. And selection and marketing begins at an incredibly low price of $5/month for the Premium Membership. No other Service provider matches that low  price.

Neutrals - Mediators and Arbitrators - are empowered to market their services through three packages:


  1. Basic - profile only - Free

  2. Premium - Enables a neutral to integrate fully with powerful Internet search dynamics including the neutral’s website, Facebook page, LinkedIn Page and Blog. Tools that ensure confidential and secure asynchronous messaging

    1. Standard Level Feature

    2. Social Media Links

    3. Blog Link

    4. Website Link

    5. Professional Association Link

    6. Videoconferencing Tools

    7. Confidential and Secure Messaging

    8. Asynchronous Messaging

    9. Price - $5/month or $60/year

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  1. Ultimate - Enables the neutral to establish multiple counties, cities, states and ZIP codes in the VirtualCourthouse Search Database. This maximizes google search connections. Additionally, the neutral’s name is shown at the top of search results. The neutral can access case management tools, electronic case filing tools and billing templates. The neutral is able to convert offline cases to online cases which enables the parties to electronically file their own submissions and supporting documents.Premium Level Features;

    1. Top Search Placement

    2. Register Several Addresses

    3. Case Management Tools

    4. Electronic Case Filing Tools

    5. Offline to Online Case Conversion Tools

    6. Billing Templates

    7. Price - $25/month or $300/year

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