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3.0 Video - Audio Conferencing

You do not want to attempt online mediation or arbitration without a Video component at your fingertips. And that is what VirtualCourthouse 3.0 provides the parties. But there are many levels of Video conferencing and VirtualCourthouse has selected the best and most versatile with IOCOM - Visimeet.

    • Visimeet offers feature rich functionality that allow you to conduct your meetings how you want to and as if you were all in the same room
    • Visimeet has the ability to connect multiple videos in a single meeting
    • Visimeet allows you to adjust the video size to accommodate the number of videos in a meeting, bandwidth, or preferences
    • Connect to traditional video conferencing systems (H.323/SIP)
    • Visimeet Presence utilizes a buddy list feature to easily see who is available and quickly invite them to a virtual meeting
    • Mac, PC, Linux, Android, & iOS friendly

Visimeet also enables audio only connections to all meetings.

The Parties use Video conferencing for little pieces of the mediation/arbitration process of the entire proceedings.

    • Pre-meeting scheduling conferences
    • Separate meetings
    • Separate meeting rooms
    • Many more combinations


And it is provided without extra cost to the parties. That is correct - the parties have access to this rich resource included in the VirtualCourthouse pricing.  

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