Neutral Oath




The Subscriber named and listed as a Neutral by does solemnly swear and affirm under the penalties of perjury that I will:


1.    Provide truthful and accurate information about my qualification, experience and credentials.

2.    Fairly, impartially and justly conduct my activities as a neutral based only upon the merits of each case.

3.    Disclose to the parties any information which may reasonably call into question my impartiality.

4.    Conduct my activities as a neutral in a prompt fashion.

5.    Comply with all applicable ethical rules, regulations and standards as from time to time adopted.

6.    Diligently apply all rules of procedure and law as agreed upon by the parties or adopted by any statute, regulation or rule of law.

7.    Keep all information obtained from the parties confidential and not disclose that information to any other individual without the express consent and authorization of all of the parties.

Accept                                Decline

Last Revised 13/7/2013



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