Everyone from lawyers to claims adjusters to neutrals have used VirtualCourthouse.com, been impressed, and given VirtualCourthouse high praises.

Mike Curreri , Lawyer and Entrepreneur  - Key West Florida


"I was a lawyer for a few decades... and a trial lawyer at that.  In personal and business matters I have used this VERY inexpensive way of arbitration on-line (the decision is made by a real judge, the primary one of which is quite well respected).  The key to this is that it is typically done without any in-person hearings, is still quite complete and fair to the parties, and is very fast compared to any other process.  If you like the idea, just require its use in your "boilerplate" contract.  I have done so for a variety of contracts "

Arman Ravery, lawyer, Dunbar & Ravery, Bladensburg, MD
“I have used Virtual Courthouse on several personal injury cases and found it to be quite useful. Instead of filing complaints in the courts, waiting several months for a trial date, finding and serving the defendant, doing discovery, I simply filed a brief with Virtual Courthouse, chose a "neutral," and waited for the verdict.  I wish that traditional litigation was this simple and efficient.  I would certainly recommend this avenue to others as I believe they would come to the same conclusions!  In addition, the staff is always ready to help, if needed.”

Adjuster, Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO), Fredericksburg, VA
“My experience with Virtual Courthouse was very favorable. The presentation format was easy to use, the customer support readily available, and the arbitration decision came within a few days and was fair to both parties. This is a great format for a fair, fast decision.”

Hal Clagett, III, lawyer, Upper Marlboro, MD
“I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my satisfaction and appreciation in the way the case that I submitted to the Virtual Courthouse was handled. My negotiations with the adjuster were stuck on the issue of assumption of the risk and we could not get past that point to work out the case. Being able to submitt it to the Virtual Courthouse allowed us to overcome that road block and work out a fair result to both sides. Please use my name  to refer anyone who has questions concerning the tremendous benefits that you provide to the Bar with the Virtual Courthouse.”

Alan Legum, lawyer, Annapolis, MD
“If you can’t settle you are going to have get a neutral whether it be Jury, Judge or VirtualCourthouse- makes sense to use VCH because it saves you so much time and expense”.

Judge William McCullough, a retired judge, who now is an active Mediator and Arbitrator
“I enjoyed being a part of the program. I hope it becomes a stupendous success.”

Erik Frye, Esq, plaintiff’s lawyer, Upper Marlboro, MD
“I have been very impressed with how easy it is to use the Virtual Courthouse.  The website walks you through the process and the staff is always there to assist you if there is a problem.  It has been very effective in resolving cases, especially those where the only real issue is value.  In my view, it is even more efficient than district court or even face to face arbitration and is much less expensive in terms of time and money.”

Judge Vincent Femia, a retired judge, who is an active Mediator and Arbitrator
“There are certain conflicts that don’t require a lot of face to face interaction. VirtualCourthouse is the wave of the future.

Jeffrey Wigodsky, plaintiff’s lawyer, Karp, Frosh, Lapidus, Wigodsky, Norwind, Washington, D.C.
“Virtual Courthouse provides parties with a fast and easy mechanism to resolve disputed claims. The cost pales in comparison to litigation and other alternative dispute programs and you’re guaranteed that the case will be heard by an experienced litigator or judge. I support the program wholeheartedly”

Cy Picken, Retired State Farm House Counsel, now is an active Mediator and Arbitrator
 “I firmly believe that VCH is an extremely effective mechanism to help parties resolve their disputes in a cost effective manner through the use of technology and would not hesitate to recommend trying VCH for parties who want their disputes resolved expeditiously.”  

Ilona M. Fisher, lawyer with Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, Baltimore, MD
“I have used VirtualCourthouse in quite a few cases. My clients and I feel the results have been fair. It looks like the neutrals pay attention to each individual case.”

Steve Markey, lawyer,Towson, MD
“As trial lawyers we often encounter clients that are not realistic in their expectations. A neutral case evaluation is a cost effective way to provide the client with a judge’s valuation before a settlement conference is needed. The neutral case evaluation can then be used not only to bring your client back to reality, but may be helpful in negotiating a settlement.”