Who We Are

VirtualCourthouse.com™ (“VCH”) is - The Virtual Court House -  an Internet-based service that enables parties to submit disputed claims, responses and supporting material in digital form for resolution by a neutral provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. These ADR services can include arbitration, mediation, neutral case evaluation or a settlement conference by members of a panel of neutrals.

Using VirtualCourthouse.com for an arbitration, mediation or Neutral Case Evaluation, the parties accomplish the following on the Internet:

  • Agree on a neutral
  • Present the documents which support their case
  • Have access to an Online Case File
  • Schedule a face to face hearing, if necessary
  • Receive the Neutral’s Decision

VCH creates a marketplace by recruiting the neutrals, administering the electronic case file, and providing access to the system to members of the plaintiff and defense bar, including insurance staff counsel, claims agents and the parties. 

 VCH provides an independent forum by enabling parties to select qualified neutrals (typically judges or attorneys with specific experience), submit digitized materials, schedule an ADR event and track other activities throughout the effort to resolve the claim.  Critical to the design of this service is its neutrality:  VCH impartially facilitates neutral selection by providing structured communication among parties via a controlled and secure message service.  Any party can attach digital exhibits such as digital photographs or scanned images of medical records.  The Neutral can use the message service to communicate with parties.  VCH streamlines every step in the process and minimizes the need and costs of unnecessary face-to-face meetings, mailing, and copying. 

The VCH Dispute Resolution Engine (DRE) is a combination of multimedia technologies and business processes, integrated with a customer-friendly user interface.  The DRE replicates the current process of dispute resolution in an online environment, removing constraints of time, expense and distance.  The engine is a sequence of events utilizing Internet-based media technologies that are designed to resolve conflicts between two or more parties.  The DRE enables the resolution of disputes by functioning as a middleware to connect the disparate business processes of attorneys, claimants and neutrals. The DRE permits the exchange of data between these business processes which would otherwise lack the technology interfaces essential to working together electronically. The engine, centralized through VirtualCourthouse.com™ is the electronic “glue” that binds these users of otherwise unrelated systems into a virtual private data and business process network.