Houston Hagaman
Hidden, PA Hidden
phone: Hidden
email: Hidden
experience: Insurance Claims
years of experience: 8
cases handled: 500+
designation(s): • Arbitration
• Court Assigned
• Demand for Arbitration
• Mediation
• Neutral Evaluation (Single Party)
areas of law: • Commercial
• Contracts
• Family Law
• Intellectual Property
• Landlord-Tenant
• Personal Injury
• Property
• Workers Compensation
hourly rate: $230.00
Qualifications: Rates may vary based on complexity of case. Posted rate is an average. -Joint and Several -Pure/modified comparative and contributory negligence -Contract/Policy -Licensed All-Lines Adjuster (TX/FL) -Personal Injury Protection (PIP) -Property & Casualty -Landlord/Tenant -Business to Business Disputes -Civil Disputes -Home/Auto Warranties -Valuation Disputes (Auto & Product) -Product Defect/Liability